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The linked items were prepared for use by readers of the Veneto Views, the weekly newsletter of the American Embassy in Rome Italy. 

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January 2000 

Capitoline Picture Gallery
Latin Inscriptions
Catholic Encyclopedia
Borromini -- Unhappy Ending
St. Peter's in Cans
Wheelchair Accessible Rome
Art History
Black Holes/Dark Matter
Gruppo Archeologico -- Spring 2000
Netscape vs. Internet Explorer
Quirinale Stables Art Space
Valentine's Day
Villa Medici/Cardinal's Dream
Volcanic Italy


February 2000

Future Internet 
Leap Year 2000
Pizza -- American Pie?
Roman Water -- Ins and Outs
Space News
Carthage/Punic Wars
More Black Holes
Serious History/Sourcebooks
Eta Carinae
Galileo's Birthday -- Feb 15
Sunny Days
Castel Sant'Angelo
New Golden Dollar
Variable Light Speed
Had Your Chocolate?
Mt. Etna Eruption
What's Up? Space Launches
Cosmological Soup
Roman America
On the Rostrum


March 2000

Archeological Fieldwork
Food and Nutrition
Here Comes the Sun
Vernal Equinox
Ides of March
Italian Language Resources
Read the Ancient Classics
Latest from Space 
Trastevere Port Uncovered
Imperator Caesar Augustus
Dante Alighieri
Italian Wines
Random Reality
St. Patrick
Biggest Bite
Et Tu, Brutus
High Water Mark
Useful Local Info
Etruscan Museum/Villa Giulia
Biggest Iceberg Ever
Aeneas, Romulus, and Remus
Founding Myth
Palatine Hill
USGS Hiring Students
Giuseppe Verdi


April 2000

Esther Boise Van Deman
Sant'Agnese in Agone
Gruppo Archeologico Trips
Roman Baths
Roman Hills
No Deadly Tides
Lee Petty
Archeology Jobs
Roman Obelisks
Sweet Chariot


May 2000

Anita Garibaldi
Villa Borghese
Roman Curia -- Senate Chamber
Castor and Pollux
Floralia--Rose and other Gardens
Ancient Rome for Kids
Barberini Bees
Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine
Beatrice Cenci
New Crypta Balbi Museum
Pons Sublicius
Cola di Rienzi
Temple of Caesar
Appian Way/Via Appia


June 2000

Milvian Bridge
Serious Classics
DC and Beyond
Peter and Paul
Benvenuto Cellini
Marcus Aurelius Statue
Capitoline Museums Reopen
Life in Ancient Rome
Useful Information
Ancient Inventions
Archeology Addicton 
Bigger, Better Forum
Thumbs(?) Up(?)


July 2000

Livia Drusilla: First Lady
Pope Joan
Emperor's Stone


August 2000

Georgio Vasari
Kid Books -- Fall 2000
Orvieto Trip
Orvieto Duomo
Cicero, the Orator
Pompey the Great
Pompeii/Vesuvius Anniversary
Last Emperor
Magic Door - Porta Magica
Queen Christina
Ludi Romani -- Roman Games
September 20, 1870 -- Venti Septembre
Miles Gloriosus -- Glorious Soldier


September 2000

Agrippina the Younger
Attila the Hun
Rome's Borgo District
Vespasian -- The Best Emperor?
Pyramid of Cestius
Views of Rome
Homework Help
Gruppo Archeologico Fall 2000 Agenda
   Wednesdays: Rome through the Centuries
   Fridays: Roman Neighborhoods
Rome's City Walls
Equesrtian Nations' Cup -- Rome, Oct 2000


October 2000

Cavallini Rediscovered
San Lorenzo fuori le Mura
Nomination -- Roman Names
GAR Field Trip Changes
Internet Science Sources
St. Paul's Outside the Walls
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
St. Perer's Chains/Michelangelo's Moses
Trevi Fountain


November 2000

Cleopatra Exhibition/Cleopatra
IV November -- Italian Armistice
Roman Mariage
Roman Expansion
Roman Expansion Maps
Tiber Island
December 8 Festae
White House Birthday
Forum Romanum
Vestal Virgins
Sirius -- Dog Star


December 2000

Santa Claus
Christmas Star
Millenium 2001
Google Search Engine
Gruppo Archeologico Romano Spring 2001

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