Can Basilica: One of the things you probably did not know about St. Peter's Basilica is that a group of modelisti in Rome recently constructed -- and then discarded -- a large scale model of the church constructed almost entirely of Coke cans. The model was 1/5 scale making it almost 100 meters long and more than 25 meters high. Ten million cans were used, mostly Coke with other cans only used to add colorful details. It went on display in December 1997 and demolition (and recycling) began four months later. None of the cans were saved for collectors, but a special issue can was struck and sold for charity. The same group, sponsored by local charities, had in previous years built models of the Colosseum (in Coccaglio, 1987), the Verona Arena (Verona, 1989), La Scala (Milan, 1989), and St. Anthony (Padua, 1992). Each model was bigger than the previous one, and cans are reportedly being stockpiled for an even bigger model, yet to come, of some other unknown monument. For details of all of the works, go to