Trastevere Port: You can't dig a hole without finding something! Last year it was the Vatican parking lot and this year it's the Trastevere bus station. In short, an attempt to carry out needed expansion of the present station has been stymied by discovery of ancient port facilities on the western side of the Tiber River. Everybody knew where the Trastevere Port was, but the surprise was the wonderful state of preservation: it's just too good to destroy. Now the city government and the Archeologists are ecstatic -- a new archeological park on that side of the river could attract more money for the archeological community and more gentrification of southern Trastevere. Meanwhile, the local transit authority is having conniptions over the probable loss of the site. Read about it at

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For information on recent discoveries at the much bigger port facilities at Portus, near Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber, go to