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The linked items were prepared for use by readers of the Veneto Views, the weekly newsletter of the American Embassy in Rome Italy. 

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January 2001

 Trashing Commodus
 Mameli, Italian National Anthem
 Santa Maria in Vallicella
 Nutsy Nero
 Groundhog Day -- February 2
 Roman Romance
 Why a Valentine?


February 2001

 Festa della Donna
 Area Sacra in Largo Argentina
 Temple of Julius Caesar
 Teatro Marcello/Marcellus Theater
 Twelve Tables/Tabularium
 Roman Wine
 Roman Roads
 Constantine's Sun Dogs?
Tivoli --  24 Feb 2001
       Villa d'Este
       Hadrian's Villa
       Via Tiburtina
       Bagni di Tivoli Travertine


March 2001

 Pisa in June
 Extraordinary Consistory
 Can Popes Resign?
 Porticus Octaviae/Octavia's Porch
 Portus, Rome's Port
 Mount Testaccio
 Roman Money
 A Roman Education
 Italian Easter foods
 Sack of Rome
 Trajan's Column


April 2001

 Marcus Aurelius Column
 Capitoline Hill
 Aurelian Wall Collapse
 Campo dei Fiori/Giordano Bruno
 S. Carlo al Corso
 Pale and Lean Cassius


May 2001

 Feathered Dino -- Tastes Like Chicken
 Axum Stele/Obelisk
 Rose Competition/Show 2001
 Domus Aurea Ceiling Fall
 Constantine leaves Rome
 Pre-Columbian Columbus?
 Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
 Piazza Termini Timeline


June 2001

 Mastra Titta -- Boia
 Cinquecento Memorial
 World Deaf Games -- Rome 2001
 Canova-Tadolini Museum
 Amphitheatrum Castrense
 Nero's Fire, July, 64 AD
 Neptunalia, A July Festival


July 2001

On Vacation


August 2001

 Arch of Septimius Severus
 Hercules in Rome
 Importing Roman Artifacts into the USA
 Ancient Roman Royals -- 7 Kings
 Perseid Meteor Showers
 Alaric Trashes Rome -- 410 AD
 Dying for Purple
 Casanova -- The Man Who Really Loved Women
 Galla Placida -- Woman with Connections
 Fountain of the Naiads
 Madonnelle -- Street Shrines
 Pertinax -- Elvis


September 2001

Umbria and Assisi
       Know Your Pots -- Majolica
       Know Your Needlepoint -- Punto Assisi
       Touring Assisi
       Doing Assisi
       Assisi Whodunit? -- "Life of St. Francis" Fresco Cycle

Fall 2001 Schedule -- Gruppo Archeologico Romano

 "Renaissance" Exhibition -- Papal Stables, Rome
 "Siamese" Temples of Venus and Roma


October 2001

 Palazzo Altemps National Museum
 Sword of Galgano - Italian Excalibur
 Alexandria Library Reopening
 Carcer, Tullianum, Mamertine
 Cucurbita  --  Jack-O-Lantern
 Web Migration


November 2001

 Ancient Roman Music
 Augustus Rebuilds Rome
      Etruscan Origins
      Etruscan League
      Jewelry -- Granulation and Filigree
 Venice Sinking
 Roman Clothing


December 2001

 Presepe/Creche/Crib/Nativity Scene
 Leonardo's Bridge
 Christmas Trees

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