Gruppo Archeologico Romano

Fall 2001 Classes

Join the Gruppo Archeologico Romano (English Section) and participate in some of the best expert-guided tours and lectures on Roman art and archeology.

There are two-hour programs on

Tuesdays (in Italian),
Wednesdays (English),
Thursdays (English), and
Fridays (English)
with lectures and site visits on the dates listed below and Saturday field trips to Palestrina  (October 20 -- in English) and Panicale (November 10 -- Italian).

Tuesdays, 10 AM, October 9 through December 4
Course title:  Roma Archeologica
Ten site visits conducted in Italian.

October  9:  Underground at the Basilica of S. Marco

October 16:  Gabii, sanctuary and city -- new excavations

October 23:  Villa of the Colonnacce

October 27 (Saturday): Mithraeum at Marino

October 30:  Circular Basilica, Ardeatina

November 5  (Monday): Jewish Catacomb at Vigna Rondanini

November 13:  Mithraeum at the Circus Maximus

November 20:  Underground at the Sancta Sanctorum (Medieval)

November 27:  Oratorio of the Sette Dormienti

December 4:  S. Pasquale archeological complex

Wednesdays, 10 AM, October 3 through December 5, 2001.
Course title:  Rome Through the Centuries
One lecture and nine site visits conducted by Nicole Fuget.

October 3:  Classical art through neo-classical eyes:  Winkelman (lecture)
October 10:  Villa dei Quintili on the Appian Way -- Rome's largest suburban villa

October 17:  Around the Curia: the organization of the Roman state, from its foundation

October 24:  Hypogeum of via Livenza and the Mausoleum of Lucillo Peto

October 31:  Crypta Balbi -- Ancient and medieval Rome displayed together

November 7:  Rome from the time of Augustus and Agrippa

November 14:  Isola Tiberina -- pagan and Christian

November 21:  the newly reorganized National Museum at the Terme di Diocleziano

November 28:  Outstanding figures of two "Doctors of the Church", Catherine of Sienna and Thomas Aquinas

December 5:  Santa Maria Maggiore, including visits to the Sforza chapel and the Crib of Arnolfo di Cambio

Thursdays, 10 AM, October 4 through December 13, 2001.
Course title:  Private Lives During the Renaissance
Lecture series (ten lectures) with Valerie Higgens and Paul Gwynne

          October 4:  Censorship

          October 11:  Personal Hygiene

          October 18:  Courtesans

          October 25:  Childbirth

          November 8:  Pagan mythology and allegory

          November 15:  Holy Anorexics

          November 22:  Male homosexuality

          November 29:  Female homosexuality

          December 6:  Syphilis

          December 13:  Family life

Fridays, 10 AM, October 26 through December 14, 2001.
Course title:  Messages in Christian Art
Lecture and seven site visits with Olaf Steen.

October 26:  Development of Christian Art (lecture)
November 2:  Catacombs of Ss. Marcellino e Pietro

November 9:  S. Giovanni in Laterano e S. Giovanni in Fonte

November 16:  S. Maria Maggiore

November 23:  Ss. Quattro Coronati e S. Maria in Domnica

November 30:  S. Giovanni a Porta Latina

December 7:  Vatican Picture Gallery

December 14:  Il Gesu, S. Ignazio, e S. Liugi dei Francesi

Saturday Trips:

October 20:  Palestrina, conducted by Nicole Fuget (in English)

November 10:  Panicle with Enrico Ragni (in Italian)

The full schedule is available at the American Embassy Community Liaison Office.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday English-Language classes, expanded to include links to associated resources, are on the internet at

Contact Ms. Anna Taggiasco, Gruppo Archeologico English Program, 06-39737703, for registration information and the fee schedule.