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Washington and the US Government


Embassy/Consulate Addresses/Websites - US & other
Fedstats:  Federal Statistics
Federal Government Information Page
Federal Govt. Links
The Federal Web Locator
FedNet! Today
FedWorld Information Network Home Page
Government Information Xchange
US Government Information Sources -- WWW VL
International Information
NASA and NOAA links (from NASA)
also see Astronomy and Meteorology pages
National Archives and Records Administration Home Page
National Archives -- NAIL
National Laboratories List from Lawrence Livermore
National Library for the Environment
NCDC: Get/View OnLine Climate Data
NonProliferation (US Gov and Other sites)
Library of Congress Home Page
Library of Congress Gopher
Library of Congress -- Federal Government Web Sites
List of Lists from Lawrence Livermore
OpenNet Declassified Information Database (V2)
REGINFO - Regulatory
Roll Call Online
Science and Technology Sources
Smithsonian Institution Home Page
THOMAS: Legislative Information
United States House of Representatives - 106th Congress
U.S. Government Laboratories
U.S. State & Local Gateway Education: Federal Gov Education Pages
WWW VL: US Government Information Sources -- NTTC
Your Federal Senators and Representative
zip+4 -- lookup


DoD -- How to Get It
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTIC Internet Resources
DTIC Products & Services Page
DTIC -- Related Internet Resources
DTIW -- Defense Technical Information Web
JIR -- Joint Internet Resources
NPAC -- Non-Proliferation and Arms Control
STINET - Federal Government Links
STINET -- Scientific and Technical Information Network
STINET - Other Databases and Resources


Economic and Open Source Intelligence on the Web
IANWeb Resources -- National Governments
Loyola Homepage on Strategic Intelligence
Online Intelligence Project
Maps/Americas --Perry-Castenada (CIA Maps)
Office of the Director of Central Intelligence

State Department

DOSFAN Electronic Research Collection Archive Home Page
FOIA -- State Dept. Electronic Reading Room
FOIA -- Other Dept of State Info
Key Officers (Jan 1998)
US Dip representations -- USLinks
U. S. Department of State Web Site Index
US State Department - U. S. Missions Online


IRS -- Forms And Publications
IRS Gateway -- State Tax Agencies
IRS -- State Tax Forms (during tax season only)

Technology Transfer

FLC -- Federal Laboratory Consortium
The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) was
organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal  Technology Transfer
Act of 1986 to promote and to strengthen technology transfer nationwide.
Today, more than 700 major  federal laboratories and centers and their
parent departments and agencies are FLC members.
NTTC -- National Technology Transfer Center
Technology transfer:  reference list
TTIC -- Technology Transfer Information Center - Tools

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