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The linked items were prepared for use by readers of the Veneto Views, the weekly newsletter of the American Embassy in Rome Italy. 

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Before 24 September 1999

  • Tourism: Rome City Council
  • Domus Aurea
  • Virgilio Italian Web Guide
  • EasyTicKeTS -- For Events in Italy
  • Museums in Rome
  • Churches in Rome
  • Forvm Romanvm
  • Rome Forum: Rome City Council site
  • Fiumicino Airport and Flight Information
  • l'Evento: Rome City Council Event Guide
  • Rome's Fall Festival
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Veneto Views September 99

School Help
Internet Image Search
Roman Archeology
St. Peter's Unveiled

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Veneto Views October 99

Agrippina's Villa
Leonardo's Horse
Net Resources for New-Comers
Plus or Minus Net Search
Internet Search: Quotation Marks
Internet 101
Jubilee 2000
International book orders
Christmas Music
Daily Life in Rome and Roman Women
News in English -- Text or Audio
Scary Stories for Halloween -- Text or Audio
Search Tip -- Grouping
Trajan's Rome
Ossa dei Morti - Bones of the Dead Sweets
What Day was Today? -- Roman/Other Calendars
Republican Rome Map
Less Prosaic Rome Tours
Pompeii Yellow Pages
Seach Tip: Search Backwards!
Roman Bicycle Paths
More Roman Churches
Know What You're Seeing in Rome
Fori Imperiali Live Views
Counting on the Romans
More Internet Search Tips

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Veneto Views November 99

Rome is Oz
2000/Jubilee Events
Remember Rome's Hills!
Thousands of Free Books
Borromini Exhibition and Web Site
Down Home Cooking
Amazing New Frescoes
Faster Internet Connections
Quick Internet Searches
BabelFish Internet Translator
Rome's Millenium Preparations
Ostia Antica
Easy Roman History
Women in Classical History
Cookie Time
Festa Dec. 8
Christmas Fair

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Veneto Views December 99

American Holidays
Doctors' Orders
How Stuff Works
Internet Mega(?)-Search
Assisi Basilica Reopens
Italian Internet Sites
Io, Saturnalia
Science News
Hunger Site
Search the Net Sideways
Burcardo Argentinensis
Internet Auction Dangers
Mars and Stars
Reorganization/New Organ
Chandra Space Telescope
Grimms' Fairy Tales
Technical News Links
Hank Snow
Roman Games
Rome on the Internet

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