Roman Archeology:  Those of you who share my insatiable desire to know more about the Archeology of Rome should know about an Internet site called Lacus Curtius.  The site is named for a small, fenced-in, "sacred" area on the floor of the Forum Romanum. There are several legends that relate the origin of the sacred spot, but the one that is still most dear to the hearts of all Romans is this: at the time of the first kings of ancient Rome, a chasm suddenly appeared in the center of the Forum valley. Soothsayers declared it was an evil omen, which could only be satisfied by a sacrifice of what the Romans held most dear.  A young soldier named Curtius understood that what the Augurs meant was a child of Rome, so he leapt on horseback into the gap. It promptly closed behind him leaving a small pool (lacus), and Rome endured.  The Internet site commemorates the value that modern Romans attach to their culture and their history.  LacusCurtius Home Page