Links2Go -- Surf the Net Sideways: Some folks simply don't like to use Internet search engines, and for them, there is another way to go. Links2Go lets you use hierarchical menus of related Internet links. It's hard to explain, but easy to understand if you see it. Just go to and you will see a bunch of links connected by arrows. You can follow those arrows or you can type in a key word in a box near the top of the page to get another page of links and arrows.

You can also register with the site (free) and then use the "import" function to upload your own Netscape bookmarks or Internet Explorer favorites. (It may take a few minutes if you have a lot.) Links2Go will then give you a chance to edit or delete links or files that you have uploaded, and, when you are done, it will automatically set up one of its hierarchical pages using your own links. This gives you a portable way to access your favorite links or bookmarks: from any computer, just log in at the Links2Go site ( using the identifiers you establish when you register, and then click on the "personal" button to see the menu of your links.