Too early for Christmas Music? -- Not if your kids' teachers are already asking for help in putting together a Christmas song-book.  On the internet, An Online Christmas Songbook ( has lyrics and printable sheet music for 90 traditional Christmas songs (and the author has promised to add Chanukah songs).  If your computer and internet software are set up right, you can also listen to "midi" files of the songs.  For a larger list with lyrics and guitar/piano chording (just the chords, not sheet music), go to  Christmas Carols (  If that doesnt satisfy, Christmas Carols  is a subset of  The Song Pages ( a much larger file of online religious music.  An Online Christmas Songbook provides a "links" page to files of other kinds of music.  Finally, the University of Tennessee Music Library has a huge file called MusicLink: Music on the Net ( which can take you to all things musical.