Here are some Internet sites at which there is information on women and marriage:

On the Diotima site search page:, scroll down and insert the word "marriage" or "wedding" in the "search for" box. Then click on the "search" button. There appear to be many references. The main Diotima page is at

The Teacher Oz Ancient Rome site is at, and it has a section on Women and daily life that has lots of interesting stuff.

The Teacher Oz "Country Information" page at has a section on "wedding customs around the world" including a short page specifically on Italian wedding customs at

The Oz "Middle Ages" page at has a section on Medieval Women including pages on marriage customs ( which appear to be mostly English, but also includes Catholic church rules which would also have applied in Italy.

The Oz Renaissance page at also has a few pages on Women, but no separate women/family/marriage section.

The Halsall History Sourcebooks at are always a good starting point, and the Women's history Sourcebook at, in particular, may be useful. The sourcebooks link you to texts and other resources on the net. (which has merged with the Mining.Company) has a women's history guide at It has a marriage subcategory at

There is also an "Marriage" guide at which has a history subcategory at, and that page has a link to a web site concerning marriage in ancient Rome at as well as other links that are useful on ancient Roman and other marriage customs and laws.

The "Daily Life in Ancient Rome" page has a section on weddings at

There is a page of Internet links on the legal status of women in the Roman World at Links take you to excerpts from primary sources, and some deal with marriage rights, etc.