Internet Mega-Search: One of the favorite bits of computer jargon is the prefix "mega-" (mega is the Greek prefix for million), as in "mega-this" or "mega-that." What the coiners of "mega-" words are trying to say is that their process is a lot more expansive or inclusive than plain old "this" or "that." Although none of the "mega-" processes are really a million times better, some of them really can do more than the simple processes on which they are based. Mega-search processes use several Internet search programs simultaneously. The one that I think is easiest to use and understand is the Big Hub Megasearch at All you have to do is type in what you want to find and check off boxes for the most popular Internet search procedures. It also allows you the options of varying the search time and controlling the length of the citations using pull-down menus. Results are impressive.