Quattro Coronati Church Frescoes Discovered: It's not often that something new is discovered in Rome, but it happened in the first week of November 1999 at the church of Ss. Quattro Coronati. A series of 13th century frescoes, buried under four-century-old layers of paint, came to light during pre-millennium restoration. The discovery may alter the history of Western art. Read about the frescoes at http://www.mmdtkw.org/GARfrsco.html.

There's more about the famous fortress/church at http://www.initaly.com/~initaly/regions/latium/church/4cor.htm, where you will find one of June Hagar's texts on the churches of Rome.

To read about the false legend of S. Silvestro and Constantine, which is illustrated in a different side chapel fresco cycle, go to http://www.nerone.cc/nerone/archivio/arch57.htm