Jubilee Year Events Are Already Under Way: The Jubilee year (Giubileo, in Italian) doesn't officially start until the Pope opens the "Holy Door" at St. Peter's Basilica on Christmas Eve, but things are already happening in Rome, in the rest of Italy, and elsewhere, in preparation for the Jubilee (Vatican events started in 1997!). To find out what's happening in Rome, go to GiubileoRoma's monthly Internet event calendar at http://www.giubileoroma.com/eventi/eventi.htm. The site only covers whatever is happening during the current month and it is in (easily decipherable) Italian, but it has day-to-day events other Jubilee lists do not appear to have. The RAI (Italian Radio and Television) Jubilee Agenda site is in English and projects all he way out to January 2001 and lists information for events of which RAI is aware. You can get a full list, or search by a span of dates, or search by subject or key words. The full list is huge and it takes several minutes for the RAI computer to assemble it and send it back to you. As an added bonus, the RAI databases include important cultural and artistic events in Rome -- exhibitions in the major museums and musical, theater, and opera performances -- and major religious manifestations in other parts of the world, especially in Israel and the Holy Land. The RAI Jubilee Agenda Internet site can be found at http://www.giubileo.rai.it/eng/agenda/all/index.htm. Neither site lists addresses or phone numbers for the locations of the events, but any good tour book can give you those. The important thing is to know what's happening so you can look up the appropriate site in your tour guide.