Ordering books from the US and from inside the EU -------- If you can't find a book locally, you may consider ordering on the Internet.  If you do, consider the following:
(1)If you get your mail at an Italian address, a shipment that originates in an EU country (e.g. from amazon.uk, or amazon.de, or other booksellers) it will arrive faster and there will be no customs charge.
(2)But if you get your mail at an Embassy or international organization address (i.e., under some kind of diplomatic or military frank), a US supplier may be faster, and, if you don't have to pay customs, cheaper.
(3)In addition to checking on prices, check on availability time on the sites of multiple booksellers -- availability times, even from branches of the same organization, vary greatly, usually because of publishers' rules. For example, June Hager's PILGRIMAGE (a wonderful book on Roman Churches -- read my review at amazon.com) is available through amazon.uk in 24 hours, but it is not available until January 2000 at amazon.com, and it is not listed at all at amazon.de.