Christmas Fair -- Piazza Navona: The Christmas Fair at Piazza Navona begins on December 8 and runs until the Feast of the Epiphany in January. There are booths with toys, Christmas Decorations, figures for Christmas nativity scenes, candies, cakes, and such traditional goodies as giant sugar doughnuts and roasted pork sandwiches. All of Rome's clowns, mimes, and street entertainers seem to be there as are Italian bag-pipers in rustic costumes. A Merry-go-Round keeps the kids happy. This fair is popular with Romans, too. A visit on December 8 will immerse you in a vast crowd and Saturday afternoon and Sundays are also crowded. (Watch out for pickpockets!) After dark the Piazza is a fairyland of lights.

You will want to know what's around you on the famous piazza:

The Fountains (includes an old photo of the annual flooding of the Piazza):
Piranesi's drawing of the Piazza:
G. Falda's drawing of Borromini's S. Agnese Church:

(Announcement of the Borromini Exhibit:
S. Agnese. Church -- Morlacchi
Palazzo Pamphili (next to S. Agnese) -- Morlacchi: