This is the Rome City Council English language site for touristic activities in Rome. The Art and Culture section is extensive and appears to be accurate.

Nero's Palace, the Domus Aurea, has been rediscovered and reopened to the public on guided tours. Reservation: (06-39749907) and they limit the number of people who can enter to 200 per day, because the site is fragile. The Internet address listed below connects you to a "la Republica" Arts Section item and it has links to Photographs of the site.

Virgilio is a full service Italian Internet guide, and in addition it provides weather forcasts (meteo), maps (mappe) and driving directions (crea il tuo percorso -- on the map pages). The map pages also allow you to search for an address in any city -- it puts a star on a map that you can print out. The site is in Italian, but the map and weather pages are easy to figure out by English speakers.

EasyTicKeTS is an Internet site where you can purchase tickets for Musical, Sports, Theatre, Cultural, and other events in Italy. Information is available by date and by type, and you can search the site for specific events. The whole site is in Italian, but it is easy to use by English speakers, especially if they have used similar sites in the US.

Times, phone numbers, and contents of museums in Rome:

Times, locations, contents of many churches in Rome:

FORVM ROMANVM: Of all the Ancient Rome web sites I have found, this is the best for ease of use and understandability.  It's suitable for home study by amateurs or for the high school classroom, but there may be more here than can be accommodated in a single high school academic year. The organization of the site allows users to pick and choose and to still have tons of enrichment materials.  Unlike some other Ancient Rome sites, it doesn't bury you in information. It's an award winner in the Think Quest program.

This new Rome Forum site put on line by the Rome city government is a good site to recommend for visitors to look at before they arrive and for residents. There are
especially good "reconstruction" views of various part of the forum. You click on a small picture to get a big picture of what it looks like today, then you click on that big picture to see what it looked like when it was new. Then you can click again to switch between the two views. Pretty neat!

Fiumicino Airport Information: This is handy if you need arrival or departure information for flights at Fiumicino. Flight times are the same info that is posted on the TV monitors at the airport.

l'Evento (Commune di Roma's free guide to upcoming events) and other free Commune publications can be ordered through the internet from this Internet web page.

Official info from the Commune di Roma on the fall festival in Rome: