Equitation/Equitazione -- Piazza di Sienna 2000: One of the world's premier show-jumping competitions, the 67th round of the Concorso di Salto Internazionale Ufficiale (CSIO), "Piazza di Sienna 2000", will be held at the Villa Borghese park from May 25 through 28. The event is named for the equitation arena in the park. The oval, which many may remember as a dusty running track with a muddy infield, has been newly sodded, and other renovation and beautification projects are under way. Big pavilion tents are sprouting like mushrooms.

The Piazza di Sienna competition has been held annually in Villa Borghese park since 1922 (with a few years off for World Wars). The 67th CSIO will be a major shake-out and rehearsal for the Sydney Olympics. The second session of the Piazza di Sienna 2000, CSIO 68, will be held from 12-15 October. Concurrent with the May 25-28 session will be contests to determine the Italian junior championship.

A calendar of events has been posted on the Internet. Exact time slots will be filled in as the dates of the events approach and as actual arrival and fitness of competitors are determined -- it's always like that with internationals. Of special interest will be the famous precision horse drill, the Carosello dei Carabiniere which is scheduled a part of the last day's closing ceremonies.

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