Gruppo Archeologico Romano: The Roman Archeology Group English Programme spring semester begins on Friday February 4. The spring courses are:
1)  Mondays--10AM-noon: The Body and Art. Ten lectures, February 7 through April 10. Valerie Higgins.

2)  Tuesdays--10AM-noon: Roma Archeologica. Twelve site visits (in Italian), March 7 through June 6

3)  Wednesdays--10AM-noon: Rome Through the Centuries. One lecture and fourteen site visits, February 9 through May 31. Nicole Fuget. Schedule and resources at

4)  Thursdays--10AM-noon: The Renaissance and Ferrara. Eight lectures February 10 through March 30. Paul Gwynne

5)  Fridays--10AM-noon: Roman Neighborhoods. Fifteen sight visits, February 4 through May 26. Dustin Gish/Gretchen Meyers. Schedule and resources at

Field trips to:
Sabina (Buddhist and Franciscan monasteries), April 8

Ferrara weekend, April 29-30

Loretto, May 13

Città della Pieve e dintorni (in Italian), June 3.

For more details and full schedules, call 06-39733637 or 06-39734087