USGS Student Job Opportunities: USGS wants to hire high school and university students. Candidates must be over 16 years old and carrying at least half of the normal class load for their grade levels and schools. These are GS (Civil Service General Schedule) jobs, not unpaid internships. Jobs currently available are in clerical, hydrological, biological, computer, engineering, geographical, and physical science tracks, and are in Iowa, Virginia, California, Colorado, and Louisiana. Opportunities are available to switch to full time employment after the student completes her/his education. USGS, like other scientific and technical employers, is actively competing for qualified people.

Student employment information is available at

Employment information for candidates that already have qualifying degrees can be found at

USGS Web Site: The U.S. Geological Survey Internet site at offers vast amounts of information on everything geological, geophysical, and geographical (and a lot more). The USGS home page is easy to understand and use. Information is divided by categories, topics, and audience tracks, and the whole site can be searched using a search engine window at the top of the page. Although the USGS site is designed primarily for US users, its information scope is international: a search for "italy", for example, produced more than 1400 citations.