Useful Information/Odds and Ends: The Internet is chock full of web sites where you can find useful and interesting information. Below is a partial list of sites (some of which have appeared here before in other contexts):

World and US News from four different major news organizations:

Weather forecast for Rome and the rest of the world:

Currency conversion/exchange rates:

Science news (requires registration but it's free):

Dictionaries -- three and a half million words in 611 dictionaries (mostly English language):

Worldwide Archeological news items in English:

Italian Archeological news items in Italian:

Multilingual translation: Alta Vista's quick and dirty Babel Fish (It can translate Italian web sites into understandable, if not correct, English):

Turismo Accesibile -- Rome tourism for the handicapped/links to similar information on other places in Europe (in Italian):

"Opry" and "Country" news from the 75 year old "Grand Ole Opry" -- the new multimedia stage set, special summer programs, anniversary celebrations in Nashville, order tickets on line, etc.:

The Hunger Site -- a way to get food to hungry people at no cost to you:

USA Phone numbers at "AnyWho":