Kid Books, Fall 2000: Now is about the last time when you can order the newest kids' books and expect them to arrive for the beginning of the 2000-2001 school year. As with everything else nowadays, there is an Internet site that has some useful recommendations. The highly respected Publishers Weekly has a big list of new children's books at The trick is that the books are listed alphabetically by publishing house, so you need to look in the front of books you already have to determine which houses publishes your favorite authors. Then use the alphabet at the top of the page to jump to the publishers' lists . Another page of Publishers Weekly kid book links is at More general book information for all audiences and age groups is available through links at the Publishers Weekly home page,, and at BookWire,

For thousands of free book texts available on the Internet, see (a general list that also has links to the major on-line booksellers -- scroll down to the bottom) or