Food Facts: Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight in advance of the bikini season knows that this is the time to start. The Internet, of course, like all the other media, is flooded with misinformation about food and nutrition -- usually in the form of direct sales pitches or as pitches masquerading as "news". But somebody has already sorted through all the trash and rated the net's major nutrition sites, checking whether they are accurate, up to date, and easy to use. The rating system is explained and straightforward, commentary is clear and concise, and, most importantly, it not only tells you what web sites are useful but also which to avoid. There is a "general nutrition" link, which lists more than 200 rated web sites, and several links to more specialized lists. This paragon of food knowledge, the Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy "Nutrition Navigator" is located on the web at also has a nutrition web site at, but it appears to be less selective and has a lot of pop psychology included. Not my cup of tea. (For tea history and facts: