Gruppo Archeologico Romano (GAR) Saturday Field Trips Schedule Change:

Due to scheduling difficulties at the sites, the dates of the two English-language fall field trips have been switched.

On October 21 the GAR will go to Subaico and Anagni with Nicole Fuget: into the middle ages, the frescoes of Sacro Speco of Subaico, where Benedict founded the Benedictines, and the Romanesque cycle of the crypt of the Cathedral of Anagni.

On November 11 the GAR will go to Arezzo with Nicole Fuget to see the newly accessible basilica of S. Francesco (Storia della Croce fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca) and "the best of Georgio Vassari" in his own house.


Contact Ms. Anna Taggiasco, Gruppo Archeologico English Program, 06-39737703, for the full program and fee schedule.