Biggest Carnivore!: Running, running, runningggg! Jaws snapping at your tail! Big teeth! Huge teeth! Really sharp huge teeth! Yikes! You thought Gigantasaurus (T-Rex, only bigger) was your worst nightmare! Now there's this still unnamed beasty that's even bigger! It has longer jaws! It has much sharper teeth! It's faster! It's always hungry, and you, YES YOU, are meat! What's a poor herbivore to do? If you can't get travel orders, you'd better learn as much as you can about this new guy in the neighborhood! Get on the Internet quick and check out the largest carnivore ever! Go to,2107,500179247-500235604-501159270-0,00.html!

If you have only an academic interest in dinos (as opposed to a potential victim's terror) go to the Lycos Science miniguide to dinosaurs at and learn about the extended family.

PS -- These new guys hunt in packs!