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ALRI Visited the National Building Museum on July 13, 2005
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External View of the Museum (a winter 2003 view used because tree block the view during the summer).

The national building Museum was modeled after the Palazzo Farnese (exterior) and the Palazzo Cancelleria (interior), both in Rome, with a frieze like that on the Parthenon in Athens.

Designed and built by Montgomery C. Meigs in the late 1800s for the Civil War Pension Bureau..

Docent and ALRI member Bobby Gladstein with, Mr. Don Alexander Hawkins, the Curator of Washington: Symbol and City, one of the exhibitions in the museum.

Museum Entrance, with terra cotta decoration by Caspar Buberl.  Part of  Buberl's frieze is above the entrance.

The Great Hall of the Museum

One of the reproduction urns on the third floor balcony around the Great Hall

One of Buberl's plaster casts, used to make molds for the terra cotta frieze -- now displayed on the stairways between the first and second floors of the building.

A section of Buberl's frieze on the outside of the building.

Ceiling of the reception room of the Pension Commissioner's office suite, restored in the 1990's.  (Colors in this image are electronically intensified to enhance visibility on the internet.)

A heavily enhanced and manipulated image of the mirror and faux fireplace in the Pension Commissioner's office.  The original photo is immediately below.