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Classical Greek Philosophy -- Socrates and beyond

For Pre-Socratic Philosophy, see:
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See for readings on Ancient Greek Philosophy.

For a larger view of the Raphael's School of Athens, see

How was Greek Philosophy transmitted to us?
Mostly through Islam.

But also, to some extent, through Christianity.

Augustine toyed with Neoplatonism before sinking into theism.

Pseudo-Dionysius and the Corpus Areopagiticum.


Bessarion's Library
In Cosimo de Medici's Academy of Florence:
Marcilio Ficino put to work.

More recently, Albert Camus

Philosophy Timeline

For Pre-Socratic Philosophy, see
Images, comments on images
Readings with links

Socrates, the Gadfly

Plato writes about Socrates -- eventually identity theft

Modern pseudo-Socratic snake oil


"Republic" and "Laws"

Cave allegory
For an animated explanation of Plato's Cave allegory, see

Plato's Realism aka "idealism" (ideas have seperate reality)

Plato's Academy

Aristotle -- "first in class" at the Academy (after 20 years)

Aristotle tutors Alexander

Aristotle's Lyceum

Aristotles philosophy


Much argued about Aristotle -- every philosophical explainer for him/her self.

Three stoics develop Stoicism sequentially; fully formed after Chrysippus

Epicurus on the opposite tack

Pyrrho, the Skeptic:  we are incapable of finding moral absolutes, but we should live by time honored traditions.

Etc., etc., etc., as the King of Siam once said, according to Anna Harriette Leonowens.  (Look her up --