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The new (1999) PILGRIMAGE is the "must read" book for any student of Roman or Church history or for anyone in Rome or wishing they were in Rome. Ms. June Hager writes about churches in Rome for the English language magazine, Inside the Vatican. This is her definitive book on Rome's churches. It has thoughtful and incisive text and is lavishly illustrated with photograph's taken by one of the official Vatican photographers, Mr. Grzegorz Galazka. See a sample of Ms. Hager's writing and Mr. Galazka's photography by clicking on the image of the book. It is available in Rome at the Corner Bookshop, Via del Moro 48, Trastevere, and from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Favorite Historical Novels: Mr. Steven Saylor's "sub rosa" series of mysteries, set in ancient Republican Rome, has displaced our well worn set of Cadfael books. The series chronicles the cases of Gordianus the Finder (detective) and his growing family through the Republican period.  The latest book in the series was  published in May 2002. Site descriptions are accurate, the history is correct (Saylor explains any liberties taken in his informative "Author's Notes"), and portrayals of real historical characters are superb.  The only pain involved in learning Roman history through Saylor's books is in the waiting for the next volume.  You can find his books listed on Internet booksellers -- just type in his name in the search box.
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