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Ancient/Classical History
Area Studies in Classics on the Internet, U. of Sask.
Athena -- Authors and Texts
The Atrium
Bellum Catilinae - Sites for the Greek and Latin Classics
Classics Archive -- Greek/Roman
Classical Atlas Project -- Home Page
Classical Origins of Western Culture
Classical Resources (J. Ruebel)
Classical Search Engines
Classical Studies in Kentucky
Classical Studies at Penn
Classical Studies -- Wesleyan U
Classicists' Internet: II - Ancient/Classical History
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Classics and Near Eastern Resources -- USask
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Classics Resources -- UTexas/Austin
Classics Technology Center on the Web
Classics and Near Eastern Resources on the Internet, U. of S.
Classics Technology Center on the Web
Classics -- CUNY
Classical Resources (J. Ruebel)
Classical Studies -- Wesleyan U.
Classics -- UPenn, James J. O'Donnell
Classics Webliography -- LSU
Classics Web Sites -- Leo Curran's list
DIDASKALIA: Ancient Theater Today
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Directories of Classics and Near Eastern Resources, U. of Sask.
DR. J -- Janice Siegel
Electr.Resources for Classicists
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Forum Romanum
LacusCurtius Home Page
Library of Congress Greek and Latin Classics Fields
Library of Congress Classics Pages Tree Directory
Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE)
Periodicals for the Greek and Latin Classics
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Roman Classics Archive | Other Resources
Roman Classics: searchable works of classical literature
Roman Festivals
The Roman Gladiator
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