Scholasticism Replaced by Humanism

Topics for Unit 3

  • Wrong books!! Popular books that get the Renaissance all wrong:
  • Manchester's A World Lit Only by Fire and Tuchman's The March of Folly.
  • Scholasticism -- the prevalent thought process that had to be changed.
  • Aquinas -- last scholastic or first humanist?
  • Petrarch / Avignon -- Petrarch delivers the method
  • Humanism flow chart
  • Can humanism and religion coexist?
  •  "Classical" as "pagan" whereas southerners regarded classical religion and philosophy as another (parallel) source for Christianity. Italian Renaissance artists could put classical figures into religious art and not blink an eye -- e.g., the Sybils in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes. This is one reason why northen Protestantism rejected imagery.]
  • Bessarion and other refugees deliver the Greek texts -- effect in the West of the fall of Constantinople
  • A selective list of major actors -- selective because it is impossible to note them all. So these are some representative threads in the weave of humanism:
  • Guicciardini and modern history -- fact-checking
  • Pico della Mirandola -- brilliant mind, but too much puffery -- early death
  • Leonardo Bruni -- too reasonable for his own good
  • Lorenzo Valla -- debunks the Donation but later works for the Papacy
  • Julius II -- "Warrior Pope" and harsh master of artists
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