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Complaints and Controversies
Controversey 1.
Is there anything to the "DaVinci Code"? Scholars say it's all made up. The author claimed that the background was all fact. Critics say the book isn't very good. Is it so popular because it's basically anti-Catholic?  Is this the Protocols of the Elders of Rome?

Controversey 2.
Why was Galileo imprisoned? What was the role of Pope Urban VIII?
Copernicus and heliocentrism. Giordano Bruno, and why he is a latter day hero.

Controversey 3.
Were the Borgias as bad as they seemed? Were the any worse than their peers? Who poisoned whom? Did anyone poison anyone? Does Lucrezia's image need correcting?

Did / do the "Talking Statues" ("Statue Parlante") provide a real outlet. Pasquino and Marforio in conversation. "Pasquinate".

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