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Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Environs

Unit 2 Images:  Excavation History

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1.  Overview of the Naples Bay area -- NASA Aster satellite

2.  Prior earthquake recorded on an altar frieze from Pompeii

3.  Map of the ashfal from the Plinian phase of the 79 AD eruption

4a.  Mechanics of a pyroclastic flow

4b.  Herculaneum pyroclastic flows

5.  Bulwer-Lytton, who wrote The Last Days of Pompeii

6.  Pompeii in 19th century popular art

7.  Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad

8.  The Vesuvius funicular and its song

9.  Pliny the Younger to Tacitus -- letters with eyewitness account of the 79 AD eruption

10.  Ancient looters in Pompeii left their traces

11.  More looters

12.  Domenico Fontana (ca. 1600) -- architect and engineer

13.  Fontana's aqueduct -- route and current excavations

14.  Fontana's aqueduct -- left traces as it cut through Pompeii

15.  King Charles III (or VII) of Naples -- collector of antiquities

16.  Karl Weber -- Excavation Director

17.  Antichita di Ercolano published

18.  Isis temple discovered

19.  Isis temple and "Egyptian styles" in Europe

20.  Mazois' Les Ruines de Pompei published

21.  Garibaldi appoints Dumas as excavations Director

22.  Fiorelli and his method of makeing plaster casts of 79 AD victims

23.  Maiuri -- Director for Mussolini and until the 1960s

24.  Current Directo Pietro Giovanni Guzzo and the Art and Architecture Guide

25.  Map -- current extent of excavated area of Pompeii