Classical Rome: Archeology, Ancient History, and Classics

Approaching the Subject

Chotomies and furcations (cuttings and forkings)
Di- and tri- and poly-chotomies

Bi- and tri- and multi-furcations

The big bubble-chart

Science and liberal arts

Science and philosophy
Hard and soft science
(Scientific method = prediction)
Archeology and anthropology
Artifacts and people
Historical and contemporary anthropology
Scientific and social anthropology
Observation and (moral) judgement
Judgement and action (Action advocates are more scientific -- they assume their actions will
    have predictable results)
Archeology and paleontology
Artifacts and "old things that exist"
Archeology and Geology
(Ground down and ground up)
Italian Geology
Volcanism and seismicity
Stone: Tuffs, lavas, pozulana, marbles, travertine,
Bricks and pottery clays
Archeology and history (and "classics")
Artifacts and written records (and "classics")
History and mythology
Real and imagined roots
Roots of Rome and of us (and of U.S.)
Origins and results
Roman results and modern results
(Roman roots and modern roots)
On-line information/research

Many on-line sites are more up-to-date than anything in libraries

A modern on-line Excavation Report: Some really big sites: Anything ancient Roman -- Lacus Curtius by Bill Thayer: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome -- Maecenas: Samuel Ball Platner Topo Dictionary of Ancient Rome (1929) or*/home*.html The Smith Doctionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities
Quotes from "primary" and secondary sources (Part of Paul Halsall's "Sourcebooks" site that also covers other periods and specialized subjects:

A short on-line survey of Ancient Roman History: Rome, Republic to Empire (Barbara McManus)
Ancient History at and

Ancient Roman Architecture -- GreatBuildings Ancient Rome Links -- Teacher Oz

(Part of her much bigger site that also covers other periods/topics )

Archnet -- European archeology by country Diotima -- women and gender in the ancient world
De Imperitoribus Romanis -- About Roman Emperors
Encyclopedia Mythica
Images of Rome -- Kalervo Koskimies
Internet Classics Archive -- MIT Classics Dept Perseus Classics Roman art and architecture
Roman building technology and architecture

Roman Technology
Roman Emperors -- de Imperatoribus Romanus (DIR)
Rome Project -- Dalton School
SPQR Encyclopedia Romana Vitruvius on Architecture -- Thayer VRoma images (Barbara McManus


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