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Images, Unit 20 -- Ancient Greece 2 --
Hellenistic Period

The Hellenistic World is said by purists to be enclosed in the area of the conquests of Alexander the Great.  But a more liberal interpretation includes all the areas where Hellenistic influences are manifest.  That would, of course, include all of the Western World and much more.  We know, for example that much of the orient was also affected by Hellenism and that, due to much later colonialism, all of the southern hemisphere was to some extent Hellenized -- to the same extent that Alexander's own conquests were Hellenized, i.e., the elites were Hellenized and that Hellenization spread at least partially to the lower classes.


Violent division of Alexander's realm
a) The Balkan Peninsula

Ptolomaic Egypt

Seleucid Empire

Hellenism spreads
Religion -- Judaism, then Christianity, then Islam

Renaissance Philhellenism and the Enlightenment (especially in France)

Hellenistic Art -- Power and Pathos exhibition 2015-16