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Christmas MIDI - Classical Midi Connection
Christmas Midi Theater - Files Page 1
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Christmas Songs, German and other
Christmas Songs

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Classical MIDI Archives - "In The Manner Of" by Starke
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Classical Piano Music in Midi - the Bernd Krueger Collection
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Classical sequences - Piano and Orcestra, by Robt. Finley
Renaissance Music
The Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra - All MIDI Files


Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America - Midis, Lyrics and Information
Folksongs -- Categorized by Country


Baptist Hymnal and many others
Catholic hymns
Cyberhmnal - Church of God, Links
Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project Home Page
Lutheran Hymns, brass quintets
Silvis "Woodshed" - religious music


Beethoven - Audio/MIDI
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Huge set of MIDI links (scroll past "Christian" music zip and midi files)
Italian Carousel MIDI Jukebox
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