Starting Points -- architecture
Architecture, Decorative Elements and Furniture
Architecture of Rome, Italy - Great Buildings Online
Art & Architecture Thesaurus Introductory Page (Getty Vocabulary Program)
The Catholic Encyclopedia -- Look for Name of Architect
Great Buildings Online Italy -- ArtServe, Austral Nat U
LacusCurtius Home Page
Links2Go: Architecture
Period.Styles (scroll to Rome)
RomanSites ? Art & Architecture


See alphabetical listing of Architects at:
Great Buildings Online - Master Architects List 990907
Alberti, Leon Battista (
Alberti, Leon Battista (Seton Hall U.)
ALESSI, GALEAZZO -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Algardi, Alessandro
Belgiojoso, Peressutti and Rogers - Great Buildings Online
Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Art Images - Page 1 - OCAIW
Bernini, Gianlorenzo - Encarta Online Concise
Giovanni Lorenzo (Gianlorenzo) Bernini (1598-1680)
Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo
BORROMINI, FRANCESCO -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Borromini, Francesco - Great Buildings Online
Boromini's Portico, Palazzo Spada
Donato Bramante - Great Buildings Online
BRAMANTE, DONATO -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Brunelleschi and the Origin of Linear Perspective
Brunelleschi's Monograph
Domitian - Great Buildings Online
Falconetto, Giovanni Maria
Romaldo Giurgola - Great Buildings Online
Guarino Guarini - Great Buildings Online
Hadrian - Great Buildings Online
Longhena, Baldasarre
Maderno  Carlo -- S. Susanna
Benedetto da Maiano - Great Buildings Online
Giuseppe Mengoni - Great Buildings Online
Pier Luigi Nervi - Great Buildings Online
Palladio, Andrea
Palladio, Andrea (from
Baldassare Peruzzi - Great Buildings Online
Renzo Piano - Great Buildings Online
Piranesi Exhibition, USC Fisher Gallery
Giulio Romano - Great Buildings Online
Aldo Rossi - Great Buildings Online
Rossi, Domenico
Sanmicheli, Michele
Sansovino, Jacopo
Scamozzi, Vincenzo
Carlo Scarpa - Great Buildings Online
Serlio, Sebastiano
Severus and Celer - Great Buildings Online
Alessandro Specchi - Great Buildings Online
Giuseppe Terragni - Great Buildings Online
Giacomo Vignola - Great Buildings Online
Vitruvius on Architecture, English text -- LacusCurtius
Vitruvius - Links to Cesare Cesariano's illustrations (1521)

Alphabetical list of sites

Amphitheater (Smith's Dictionary, 1875) - LacusCurtius
Ancient baths - Glossary of Terms
Ancient Roman Architecture - Great Buildings Online
Ancient World Web: Buildings_Monuments_and_Cities
ARCH -- architecture of Rome
Archeology and Architecture
Architectural Web - sito di architettura / an architectural site
Architecture of Rome, Italy - Great Buildings Online
Art and Architecture of Venice
Arteology: Contents
Art Images -- AICT
artists and architects. Digital Imaging Project
Art on the Web: Architecture Links -- Boston College
Art on the Web: Roman Architecture Links -- Boston College
Artifice Great Buildings Online
Caen - Scale Model of Rome
Center for the Study of Architecture - Home Page.
Christian Iconography
Chronology of Major Treatises on Classical Architecture
Cicero - Monumenti
Domus Aurea - Severus and Celer - Great Buildings Online
Eighteenth Cent. Newport Bldgs. w/precedents
Fori Imperiali di Roma
The FORVM ROMANVM - exploring an ancient market place
The Forum of Trajan in Rome
From Human Architecture to Architectural Structure: Part I
Great Buildings Online - Architecture
Great Buildings Collection - Index of /gbc/gbc_types/styles
Great Buildings Collection - Types - Styles - Historical Periods
Great Buildings Online - Master Architects List 990907
Hadrian's Villa
Italian Renaissance
Italweb Architecture
History of Roman Architecure
Library of Congress Greek and Latin Classics Fields
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Manifesto of Futurist Architecture
Mathematical Aspects of Architecture
Medici Villas
Ordine degli Architetti di Roma e Provincia
Ostia, Harbor of Ancient Rome
Palladio's Italian Villas-Home
Palladio -- Benvenuti a Vicenza
Period.Styles (scroll to Rome)
Piranesi Exhibition, USC Fisher Gallery
Pompeii Forum Project
Quondam Virtual Museum of Architecture
Renaissance and Baroque -- Images
Renaissance Architecture****
Resources on Architecture -- Internet Guide
The Risk Map of Cultural Heritage in Italy
Roman Architecture -- glossary
Roman Architecture Gallery
Roman Architecture -- U of Colorado
Roman Art and Architecture
Roma moderna e contemporanea - Architecture abstracts
Rome Index
Rome - Taisei Corp
Rome -- Tulane
Skenotheke: Images of the Ancient Stage, Univ. of Sask.
Temple Architecture
THAIS: 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture
Transformation of Rome under Augustus -- lecture text
Vatican City (Citta del Vaticano)
Waterworks and Hydraulic Engineering -- Lacus Curtius