Gruppo Archeologico Romano
May 2002 Field Trips:

Here's an opportunity to practice your Italian and to see the Campania and the Marches, two of the most picturesque parts of Italy, with expert Italian guides. The English Language section of the Gruppo Archeologico Romano organizes a few Italian language field trips each season with Italian art and archeology experts. Two of these trips are coming up in May.

La Campania among the Etruscans and Romans: On Saturday May 18, Cinzia Iorio, a graduate in Classical Archeology from the University of Naples and author of many articles on the archeology of Rome and the Campania, will take a group to ancient villas and a museum in the area of Castellamare di Stabia. This is one of the most ancient sites in Italy -- ancient Stabia -- which boasts splendid frescoes and mosaics and a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples.

Discovery of the Marches: Fabriano and Iesi: On May 25 and 26, Enrico Ragni, Honorary President of the National Council of the Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia and one of Italy's premier archeologists, will lead a group to the towns of Fabriano and Iesi to study their archeology, art, and architecture. This is a two day tour and it includes local accommodations.

The tours will be conducted in Italian, but there will be English-speakers in the group who can help you scale the language barrier.

Contact Ms. Anna Taggiasco, director of the Gruppo Archeologico Romano English Programme, at 06-39737703 for details and for departure times.