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Rome Through the Centuries, Spring 2002

Background material keyed to topics to be covered in the Rome Through the Centuries course of the English Programme of the GAR

Nicole Fuget        Wednesdays 10 AM      February 6 through June 12, 2002

Ms. Nicole Fuget (center) with Rome Through the Centuries participants at rooftop level in Ostia Antica.

Book Recommendation: Pilgrimage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through the Churches of Rome,  by June Hagar, provides much useful information on Churches included in the Rome Through the Centuries itinerary.  It is Available in some local bookstores and through and Pilgrimage Pilgrimage

Internet sites of general use to participants:
Ancient Rome -- Topographical Dictionary
Archeology Links
Architecture Links

Art History:

Art History Webmasters ASSOCIATION
Gateway to Art History
Index of artists and architects
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images Web -- sculpture, architecture, etc.
Vassari: Lives
World Wide Arts Resources
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Church/Religions Links
Churches of Rome
History Source books
Indice Monumenti Antichi e Aree Archeologiche -- Roma
Jubilee Links
Literature and eTexts
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Medieval History Links
Mythology Links
Palaces of Rome - by Italian Tourist Web Guide
POPES -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Renaissance to Modern -- Teachernet

Roman Churches:

Rome Churches -- RomeTours
Rome Churches -- RomeGuide
Rome Churches -- Thayer
Basilicas and Churches - Italian Culture Net Links
Vitruvius on Architecture -- LacusCurtius
Western Civilization Links
February 6 -- Middle Ages on the Nose
M.P.:  GAR, Via degli Scipione, 30/A
Hildegard Links
Labyrinth/Medieval: Georgetown
Medievale Archeologicia
Medieval Atlas --
Medieval/Classical Library (DL SunSITE)
Medieval History Site Map - Medieval History
Medieval Italy --
Medieval Sourcebook: Selected Sources
Medioevo in Rete
Ravensgard Medieval Cultures

February 13 -- Noble families, noble palaces:  Palazzo Pecci Blunt
M.P.:  Piazza d'Ara Coeli, 3
Palazzo Pecci Blunt
Palazzo Pecci Blunt (Valadier)
Anna Laetitia Pecci Blunt
Taddeo Zuccari and Federico Zuccari
More on Zuccarii - Italian
PHOTO Roma [Archivio]
Overhead View of the Palazzo area

February 20 -- The Trident: Museum in the Open and Three Piazza del Popolo churches
M.P.:  Santa Maria del Popolo
Popolo Project
Popolo -- Thais.It
Rome turns city center into 'open-air museum'
Piazza del Popolo
Piazza del Popolo __ RomeArtLover
Small evening view-ground level
Overhead views, Popolo -- 31-39
Overhead Trident

Note Date and Time Change
February 28, 3:30 PM -- I Pinturichio in Palazzo dei Penitenzieri, with rooms painted by Francesco Salviati
M.P.:  Hotel Columbus, Via della Concilazione, 33
Palazzo Penitenzieri
Palazzo dei Penitenzieri
Le Sedi
Index-Order of Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
History - Order of Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
US-Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem--North Central Lieutenancy, USA
Pinturicchio Biography -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Salviati: A Tale of an Unknown Mannerist -- IHT

Note Site Change
March 6 -- Monte di Pieta
M.P.:  Piazza Monte di Pieta
A "monte" was a "heap" or "mound" or "amount" of money with a purpose.  There were "montes secularis" and, later, "montes pietatis" -- funds set aside or "piled up" for secular or "pious" purposes.  Some of the "montes" were endowed, some were supported by governments (either by taxes or from general funds), and some by organizations (e.g., guilds, fraternities, or confraternities.  Fraternities, by the way, were set up to benefit their own members, while confraternities were membership organizations that were supposed to benefit persons other than the members.)

In gambling you could bet against part of the "monte" (the total that all players had piled in the middle of the table) or against "tutti il monte", i.e., "the full monti".

Similar terminology was involved in the governance of tontines, some of which provided for division of the "monte" among survivors after a certain number of years, others for decisions on whether to divide after a certain number of years had elapsed, and finally, some which continued until only one of the contracting members survived to receive "tutti il monte".

Monte, mountain, mound, amount (latin: ad montis) are, of course, all cognates.

Those Italian Monte Bonds (HO?)
Palazzo e Cappella del Monte di Pieta'
Palazzo del Monte di Pieta' H21
Overhead Photo -- S.Carlo  ai Catinari (center), Pal. Monte di Pieta (upper left)

Visit cancelled -- Palazzo Braschi remains closed
March 6 -- Palazzo Braschi Museum of Rome reopens
M.P.:  Piazza San Pantaleo, 10
Storia di Palazzo Braschi
Overhead view  Palazzo Braschi
AbcRoma Museums in Rome - Museum of Rome in Braschi Palace
Luigi Braschi-Onesti
Note:  The Palazzo Braschi Museum, after several years of false starts, finally reopened on May 4, 2002.

Note Site Change
March 13 -- Santa Maria dell' Anima
M.P.: Piazza della Pace
CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: College and Church of the Anima (In Rome)
Church of S. Maria dell' Anima Examples of Kitsch
Overhead view (shallow peaked roof, campanile with "German" spire)
S. Maria dell' Anima -- cnyborg
Monastero dei Canonici Lateranensi e Chiesa di S. Maria della Pace
Chiesa di S.Maria dell'Anima H51a
Visit cancelled -- S. Maria della Pace remains closed
March 13 -- Santa Maria della Pace reopens
M.P.:  Via della Pace, front of Church
Santa Maria della Pace -- cnyborg
Il complesso monumentale di Santa Maria della Pace
History of Baroque Architecture : S. Maria della Pace (Facade)
History of Renaissance Architecture: S. Maria della Pace (Cloister)
Overhead view (with octagonal dome)
S. Maria della Pace -- Romartlover

Note Site Change
March 20 -- Villa Wolkonski
M.P.: Gate of the Villa
Guided Tour of the Villa -- UK Embassy site
LacusCurtius The Caelian Hill (Platner & Ashby, 1929)
Villa Wolkonsky L6
LacusCurtius Arcus Neroniani (Platner & Ashby, 1929)
LacusCurtius The Caelian Hill (Platner & Ashby, 1929)
Nero's aqueduct
Aqueduct -- Piranesi
Visit cancelled -- Museum not available
March 20 -- Palazzo Barberini National Gallery and private appartments
M.P.:  Via Barberini, 13
Sito Ufficiale Galleria Barberini - Le collezioni
National Gallery of Antique Art -- AbcRoma
Piazza Barberini
The coat of arms in Palazzo Barberini
Barberini Bees -- TKW
Divine Providence (Palazzo Barberini ceiling fresco)
Popolo Project Images, External (continues on next page)
Rubens ArtSurvey Images, internal (continues on next page)
Palazzo Barberini
Palazzo incantato, Il (The Enchanted Palace)
Pal. Barberini -- Overhead View

April 10 -- Boromini and Bernini side by side Carlino and S. Andrea al Quirinal
M.P.:  Piazza delle Quattro Fontane
San Carlo
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane -- cnyborg
S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane - Frencesco Borromini - Great Buildings Online
S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane 3D Models - Great Buildings Online
S.Carlo Images -- Popolo Project  Facade Image
Plan of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Plan with Cloister
San Carlo -- internal downward view from cupola
Chiesa di S.Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
San Andrea
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- Koskimies
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- cnyborg
S. Andrea al Quirinale - Plan
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale - Bernini - Great Buildings Online
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale 3D Models - Great Buildings Online
Images of S. Andrea -- Sullivan, Bluffton
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- Gwynne
S. Andrea images -- Popolo Project
S. Andrea al Quirinale
S. Andrea -- Baroque beginnings (continues next page)
S. Stanislao Kostka

April 17 -- Contemporaries or students of two great rivals:  Churches of S. Carlo ai Catinari & S. Barbara dei Librai
M.P.:  Piazza Cairoli, front of S. Carlo
S. Carlo ai Catinari
San Carlo ai Catinari -- cnyborg
Carlo ai Catinari -- Romeartlover
Carlo images -- Popolo Project
Overhead View (w/S.Andrea de la Valle, background)
S. Barbara dei Librai
Chiese, Roma, Medio Evo (Hülsen)
S. Barbara, Facade
Armellini Le Chiese di Roma Rione Regola
Santa Barbara dei Librari -- cnyborg
Overhead View -- left apex of small triangular piazza, upper right
Interior view
Filetti di Baccala

Note Date and Time Change
April 23, 4:45 PM -- Noble families and Palaces: Palazzo Pamphilj
M.P.:  Piazza Navona, front of the Palazzo
Brasil Embassy web site
Palazzo Pamphili
Pal. Pamphili -- La Storia
External Pictures (Before and After Restauration)
Sala Palestrina
Galleria Cortona
Descrizione del Palazzo
Piazza Navona -- Vasi Drawing (ca 1750)
Overhead view (w/Palazzo Braschi and S. Agnese)
Donna Olimpia and Ponte Sisto
Palazzo Pamphili
Pal. Pamphili

May 15 --  Counter Reformation austerity and baroque sobriety:  Chiesa Nuova and Boromini's Oratorio
M.P.:  Piazza della Chiesa Nuova
Chiesa Nuova web site
Chiesa Nuova - introduction
Chiesa Nuova - brief history
Plan and Virtual Tour
La Chiesa Nuova -- June Hagar
Chiesa Nuova -- cnyborg
Chiesa Nuova
Maria Valicella -- Popolo Project (continues next page)
Chiesa di S.Maria della Vallicella o Chiesa Nuova
Overhead View (Front)
Overhead View (from rear) -- note Borromini's Orologio tower
Oratorio Filippino o del Borromini
Musical Forms - Oratorio
Fountain called "la Terrina"

May 22 -- Counter Reformation and Baroque Excesses:  Oratorio del Crocifisso, Santi Apostoli
M.P.:  Piazza del Oratorio
Oratorio del Crocifisso
Oratoria del Crocifisso -- Cnyborg
Santi Apostoli
Santi Apostoli -- cnyborg
Ss. Apostoli -- Mapping Kempe

May 29 -- Day to day life: Museo di Roma, Trastevere and the Popes' Pharmacy
M.P.:  Piazza S. Egidio, 1/b
Museu di Roma
Roma Cultura - Musei - Museo del Folklore
Trastevere (Museum and Pharmacy)

Museu di Roma web site

Le collezioni
Le collezioni: Dipinti
Le collezioni: Scene romane
Scena romana della farmacia
Temi e opere


Spezieria di S. Maria della Scalla
New Pharmacy (Starts just below mid-page)
L'erboristeria Carmelitana
L'erboristeria - storia
Acqua della Scala

June 5 -- House of Norwegian-American Artist Hendrick Christian Anderson
M.P.:  Via P. St. Mancini, 20
Dec 2001 - Mar 2002 Exhibition
Villa Helene (2/3 down the page)
Anderson (sic) -- project for family tomb
Andersen Exhibit 2001 -- Figure e paesaggi tra Italia e Stati Uniti
James/Andersen -- An Eccentric Sculptor's Fantasies -- IHT (06/03/00)
James/Andersen relationship -- Knitting Circle Henry James
James/Andersen (Second letter)

June 12 -- Arte and dolce vita:  De Chirico house to Via Veneto
M.P.:  Piazza di Spagna, 31
De Chirico
De Chirico
Museum-House De Chirico
de Chirico --
Chirico -- surreale
Apartmnt -- Country Life, UK
De Chirico Rediscovered -- la Repubblica
De Chirico Metaphysical Gallery
De Chirico index
De Chirico -- Artcyclopedia
Via Veneto
Battle of Vittorio Veneto
Museum of Vittorio Veneto Battle

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