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Roman Neighborhoods, Spring 2002

Background material keyed to topics to be covered in the Roman Neighborhoods course of the English Programme of the GAR

Federica d'Orazio        Thursdays 10 AM      April 4 through June 13, 2002

Hotel Forum, behind the Imperial Fora -- Meeting point for the April 4 Session

Book Recommendation: Pilgrimage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through the Churches of Rome,  by June Hager, provides much useful information on Churches included in the Rome Through the Centuries itinerary.  It is Available in some local bookstores and through and Pilgrimage Pilgrimage

Internet sites of general use to participants:
Specific to this course
The Districts of Rome
I 22 rioni - indice
Nolli map Rome Regions/Rioni (1748)
Overhead Photos by Region
Other links
Ancient Rome -- Topographical Dictionary
Archeology Links
Architecture Links

Art History:

Art History Webmasters ASSOCIATION
Gateway to Art History
Index of artists and architects
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images Web -- sculpture, architecture, etc.
Vassari: Lives
World Wide Arts Resources
The Catholic Encyclopedia
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Indice Monumenti Antichi e Aree Archeologiche -- Roma
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Palaces of Rome - by Italian Tourist Web Guide
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Roman Churches:

Rome Churches -- RomeTours
Rome Churches -- RomeGuide
Rome Churches -- Thayer
Basilicas and Churches - Italian Culture Net Links
Vitruvius on Architecture -- LacusCurtius
Western Civilization Links
April 4:  Monti Quarter Mysteries -- Ancient Suburra
M.P.:  Forum Hotel, Via Cavour (Actual address is Via Tor di Conti 25, behind Tor di Conti, which is on Via Cavour)
The Districts of Rome - Rione Monti
A walk through the Monti area of Rome
Rione Monti
Index of /rome/sight/monti_and_esquilino
Rome city guide - Monti quarter
Overhead images-Monti
Piazza alli Monti -- Romeartlover
Torre delle Milizie
Foro di Nerva (w/Milizie tower) -- Romeartlover
Large format image -- Milizie
Knights of Rhodes
S. MARIA ANNUNZIATA (w/Pal. del Grillo)
Il Marchese Del Grillo - film Raiuno Raidue
SestoAcuto - La Torre del Grillo

April 11:  Ancient Jewish Ghetto and S. Angelo Quarter -- from Monte Savello to Cenci Island
M.P.:  Front of the Synagogue, Lungotevere Cenci, 9
The Districts of Rome - Rione Sant'Angelo
Curious And Unusual - Rome's Ghetto
Jewish quarter presentation
The Jewish Ghetto in Rome
Rome: Jewish Ghetto
Rione XI - Sant'Angelo
CuisineNet Cafe: When in Rome ... Eat Kugel?

April 18:  Pilgrim route -- Via dei Coronari
M.P.:  Via dei Coronari (Piazza Navona end)
Rioni V - Ponte  Antiquariato in Via dei Coronari
Overhead image -- Via dei Coronari
Overhead image -- Via dei Coronari
Overhead image -- Via dell'Orso
S. Tommaso in Parione (w/Pal. MonteGiordano)
Overhead View -- Monte Giordano/Palazo Taverna (Giordano Orsini)
Overhead View -- Palazzo Taverna (Giordano Orsini)
Alessandro Rufini, Notizie storiche intorno alla origine dei nomi [etc.]
Orologio (clock) -- Scroll to bottom of the page  Borromini's orologio
Overhead View (from rear) -- note Borromini's Orologio tower

May 2:  Trastevere:  S. Maria in Trastevere,  S. Maria della Scala and Port Settimiana area, Janiculum view and noon cannon
M.P.:  Front of S. Maria in Trastevere,  Piazza S. Maria in Trastevere
Districts of Rome - Trastevere
Rioni XIII - Trastevere
Rome city guide - Trastevere quarter
Index of /rome/sight/trastevere
Trastevere links from Trastevere Project
Overhead Images, Trastevere -- continues on following page
S. Maria in Trastevere
Santa Maria in Trastevere -- cnyborg
S. Maria -- Koskimies
Trastevere Churches -- Time Out
Pza. S. Maria in Trastevere -- Maecenas
S. Maria in Trastevere -- Romeartlover
Fons Olei -- Legendary Rome
S. Maria -- Popolo index (continues next page)
S. Maria and Environs -- Romagiubileo
S. Maria in Trastevere -- Campanili di Roma
S. Maria -- Italycyberguide
Overhead photos -- 236-242
S. Cecilia -- overhead view
S. Cecilia -- Popolo Project(and succeeding pages)
S. Cecilia in Trastevere -- cnyborg
S.Cecilia in Trastevere -- italycyberguide
Istituto Centrale per il Restauro. Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia Sculpture - Maderno Stefano
Ciborio -- Arnolfo di Cambio
S. Maria della Scala
S. Maria della Scala -- cnyborg
Overhead image -- Piazza della Scala
Overhead image -- S. Maria della Scala
Spezieria di S. Maria della Scalla
New Pharmacy (Starts just below mid-page)
L'erboristeria Carmelitana
L'erboristeria - storia  Acqua della Scala

May 9:  Renaissance Quarter -- Campo di Fiori, Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo Spada Facade, Via del Pellegrino, Via Giulia
M.P.:  Campo di Fiori, Giordano Bruno Statue
Bruno -- tkw
Rione Parione
Rioni VI - Parione
Rione Regola
Rioni VII - Regola
Rome city guide - Campo de' Fiori
Campo dei Fiori Market/Giordano
Overhead Image -- Campo di Fiori, Palazzo Farnese
Palazzo Farnese
Palazzo Farnese images -- Koskimies
Palazzo Farnese -- Romeartlover
Images, Palazzo Farnese -- Sullivan
WebMuseum: Carracci
Palazzo Farnese -- Capodimonte museum
Palazzo Farnese, with Bullfight in progress
Via Giulia
Palazzo Sacchetti sulla Strada Giulia
Omaggio a Via Giulia
Palazzo Spada
Borromini's Portico, Palazzo Spada
Prospettiva Borrominiana
Sito Ufficiale Galleria Spada - Le collezioni
Palazzo Spada
May 16:  Baroque Quarter -- Scenographic heart of Rome
M.P.:  Front of S. Agnese, Piazza Navona
Rome city guide -- Navona, Via della Pace quarter
Piazza Navona -- Koskimies
Rome's Historical Districts - V - Ponte
Piazza di Pasquino
Nerone - The Insider Guide: Vox Populi: Belli and Pasquino
The Pasquinade Internet Site
S. Maria della Pace
S. Maria della Pace -- Cnyborg
S. M. della ace
S. Maria d P -- facade image
S. Maria della Pace and Piazza -- Romeartlover
Catalogo G. B. Nolli
Caravaggio -- tkw

May 23:  Isola Tiberina, Mouth of Truth (S. Maria in Cosmedin), S. Giorgio al Velabro, S. Teodoro
M.P.:  Front of S. Maria in Cosmedin, Piazza Boca della Verita'
Isola Tiberina
Overhead view -- from postcard usually available in the pharmacy on the island
Tiber Island Maps
Tiber Island "unofficial site"
Tiber Island Prints, Pix
Isola Tiberina -- koskimies
Tiber Mills
River, Bridges, and Island -- FJust
Tiber island -- Virtual Roma
Tiber Island -- Platner
Quattro Capi Bridge -- Pons Fabricius
Ponte Quattro Capi
Quattro Capi image
Foro Boario
Vegetable and Cattle Markets -- Koskimies
Forum Boarium (Platner & Ashby, 1929)
AREA SACRA di S. Omobono -- Commune Roma
Forum Boarium images
Forum Boarium, w/picture of model at Museo della Civilta Romana
Forum Boarium images -- Popolo Project
May 30:  Piazza della Rotunda -- Pantheon neighborhood
M.P.:  Front of the Pantheon
Rome city guide - Pantheon quarter
Piazza della Rotonda -- Romeartlover
Pie di Marmo
Tempio di Iside -- Italycyberguide
Assassinio di una meretrice nella Roma del '700
Moriondo & Gariglio, confectioners --Via Pie di Marmo 21/22
June 6:

June 13:  Quirinale hill -- Bernini and Borromini, Diocletian's Baths, Planetarium Hellenistic sculptures
M.P.:  Front of S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, corner Via XX Septembre and Via delle Quattro Fontane
Andrea al Quirinale
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- Koskimies
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- cnyborg
S. Andrea al Quirinale - Plan
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale - Bernini - Great Buildings Online
Sant'Andrea al Quirinale 3D Models - Great Buildings Online
Images of S. Andrea -- Sullivan, Bluffton
S. Andrea al Quirinale -- Gwynne
S. Andrea images -- Popolo Project
S. Andrea al Quirinale
S. Andrea -- Baroque beginnings (continues next page)
S. Stanislao Kostka
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane -- cnyborg
S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane - Frencesco Borromini - Great Buildings Online
S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane 3D Models - Great Buildings Online
S.Carlo Images -- Popolo Project
Facade Image
Plan of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Plan with Cloister
San Carlo -- internal downward view from cupola
Chiesa di S.Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Baths of Diocletian
Piazza Termini -- tkw
Baths (incl. plans) -- tkw
Exhibition -- Flavian reunification
P. di Termini, History
Piazza di Termini -- Romeartlover
Baths, Diocletian -- Platner

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