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Private Lives During the Renaissance,

Autumn 2001

Internet Links to Background material -- keyed to topics to be covered in this course of the English Programme of the GAR

Valerie Higgens
Paul Gwynn    Thursdays, 10 AM      October 4 through December 13, 2001

Book Recommendation: Pilgrimage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through the Churches of Rome,  by June Hager, provides much useful information on Churches included in Gruppo Archeologico Romano programs.  It is Available in some local bookstores and through and Pilgrimage Pilgrimage

Internet sites of general use to participants:
Burckhardt -- Civilization of Renaissance Italy
Renaissance links -- NM's Creative Impulse
Renaissance -- OZ
MedRen --
Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation: Western Civilization, Act II
Medieval Sourcebook: Renaissance
Ancient Rome -- Topographical Dictionary
Archeology Links
Architecture Links

Art History:

Art History Webmasters ASSOCIATION
Gateway to Art History
Index of artists and architects
OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images Web -- sculpture, architecture, etc.
Vassari: Lives
World Wide Arts Resources
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Church/Religions Links
History Source books
Indice Monumenti Antichi e Aree Archeologiche -- Roma
Jubilee Links
Literature and eTexts
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Medieval History Links
Mythology Links
Palaces of Rome - by Italian Tourist Web Guide
POPES -- Catholic Encyclopedia
Renaissance to Modern -- Teachernet

Roman Churches:

Rome Churches -- RomeTours
Rome Churches -- RomeGuide
Rome Churches -- Thayer
Basilicas and Churches - Italian Culture Net Links
Vitruvius on Architecture -- LacusCurtius
Western Civilization Links
October 4:  Censorship
CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Censorship of Books Although not up to date, a good source on the history of Church censorship.
Censorship -- xrefer (Oxford)
Counter-Reformation -- xrefer
Printing -- xrefer
Index Librorum Prohibitorum -- xrefer
Modern History Sourcebook: Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Index Librorum Prohibitorum -- UAlberta
Censorship and the Index
Milton -- Areopagitica
Quotes by subject: Book burning
Burning Potter: Tossed in Fire at Pa. Church
Virtual Book Burning
A modern defense of censorship
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

October 11:  Personal Hygiene
Renaissance hygiene
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
Elizabethan hygiene
Gemological Pharmacopoeia
Medicine and Biology -- Vatican exhibit
Hygiene in daily life
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

October 18:  Cortesans
Noblewomen and Courtesans -- IIC
J. Burckhardt: Civ of the Ren. in Italy (5) -- last two paras
Dressed (or undressed) for success
Cortesan Power
Veronica Franco
The Real Veronica Franco
Veronica Franco -- two works in Italian
Vanozza Catanei
Tullia d'Aragona
Tullia d'Aragona (1510 - 1556)
Tullia d'Aragona, Dialogue (1547) -- excerpts
Gaspara Stampa -- on the fringe
The Honest Courtesan -- Marg. Rosenthal Book
Lucretia Borgia -- not a courtesan
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

October 25:  Childbirth
Dying to Have a Baby: The History
Majolica birthing sets
Musacchio Review
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

November 8:  Pagan mythology and allegory
Mythology and ideology in Italian Renaissance art
Mythology in Art -- Phelan,
Italian Renaissance Art -- Logia. Art History


Milton's Redemption of Epic Poetry
A Fusion of Christian Ideology and Classical Mythology -- ãLycidasä
Birth of Venus  Cellini: Perseus
Dante's Theory of
Divine Allegory
Dante e Botticelli -- Museo Iconografico Dantesco
Classical Mythology Art Gallery
Ital. Ren. Art -- alpha index of Rubens list
Allegory -- xrefer
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

November 15:  Holy Anorexics
Prehistory of Anorexia Nervosa
Holy Anorexia, Rudolph M. Bell -- buy book from

Catherine of Siena

Anorexia and Catherine's HolinessNew Bookmark
St. Catherine of Siena -- CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA
Catherine of Sienna -- bio sketch (Anglican)
Dialog of Catherine of Siena -- English Translation
St. Catherine of Siena -- Links
Catherine of Siena -- scroll down for links & pix
Basilica of S. Caterina, Siena -- Basilica web site
Her "Incorruptible" head -- Basilica of S. Caterina, Siena
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

November 22:  Male homosexuality
Sexual Relations in Renaissance Europe
Sex and Sexuality in Italian Renaissance Comedy
Lesbian and Gay Marriage - History and Culture
Four Homoerotic Michelangelo Sonnets
King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire
Outcyclopedia - William Shakespeare
Leonardo da Vinci?
Leonardo -- Freud's dubious analysis
A Topical Guide to Queer Resources in History
People With A History: An Online Guide to Lesbian

Note that some links also apply to the next lecture

M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

November 29:  Female homosexuality
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Research uncovers same-sex attraction in 16th century
People with a History

And see previous lecture

M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

December 6:  Syphilis
Origins of Syphilis
History of Syphilis and Its Treatment
The Impact of Syphilis -- scroll down
Fracastoro, Girolamo (c. 1478 - 1553) --xrefer

Warning:  the following web site includes graphic photographs of the progress of syphilis:

Syphilis and its history
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

December 13:  Family life
Children and Families
Domestic Life -- J. Burckhardt, Civ. of Ren. It
Social abandonment od children
Family Life in Florence
A Renaissance Childhood - for and about kids

History and the European Family -- Rachelle Hughes Articles

Women at Work Throughout European History
Elderly Retirement Rights and Status in European History
The European Family Traveling Across Boundaries
I Love You -- Throughout European History -- Courtship Rituals
Medieval and Renaissance Parenting
Books on the European Family
Home Sweet Castle
Black Death and Medieval Family
Roman Influence on the Medieval Family
Wedding Rings, Wedding Dresses and Garters -- Marriage Traditions
Family vs. Familia
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

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