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Murder and Punishment,

Spring 2001

Internet Links to Background material -- keyed to topics to be covered in the Murder and Punishment course of the English Programme of the GAR

Valerie Higgens
Paul Gwynn              Fridays 10 AM      February 9 through April 6, 2001

Book Recommendation: Pilgrimage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through the Churches of Rome,  by June Hager, provides much useful information on Churches included in the Spring 2001 Gruppo Archeologico Romano programs.  It is Available in some local bookstores and through and Pilgrimage Pilgrimage

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Ancient Rome -- Topographical Dictionary
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Art History Webmasters ASSOCIATION
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OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images Web -- sculpture, architecture, etc.
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February 2:  The Violence of the Republic
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

The Steven Saylor Sub Rosa novels, the murder cases in the late Republican period of his detective, Gordianus the Finder, are a good introduction.     They can be found at

Steven Saylor's site and at
The Detective and the Toga -- Novels about Rome

February 9:  Imperial Murder and Damnatio
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

Lindsey Davis' series of novels, the murder cases in the Imperial period (starting at the time of Vespasian) of Marcus Didius Falco, can be found at

Lindsey Davis' site and at
The Detective and the Toga -- Novels about Rome

February 16:  Infanticide
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a
Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, A View of Its Past and Present Effects on Human Happiness
Ancient Eugenics by Allen G. Roper (1913)

Appendix:  On the Demography of Filicide, FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOHISTORY, Lloyd Demause 

The Sardinian Condaghi:  Neglected Evidence for Mediaeval Sex Ratios


March 2:  Family Murders
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a
Case study: The Beatrice Cenci Case

March 9:  Papal Murders and Murderers
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a
Case study:
The Borgias
Cesare Borgia
She stands Accused -- Introduction, in part, on Lucretia Borgia
Catholic Encyclopedia: Pope Calixtus III
House of Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia -- Donizetti glossed

March 16:  Professional Jealousy
M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

March 23:  Crimes of Passion

M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

March 30:  Visit to San Giovanni Decollato

M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

April 6:  Visit to the Museum of Criminology

M.P.:  Via degli Scipioni 30/a

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