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Reu nu pert em hru = The Chapters of coming forth by day
Papyrus of Ani -- E. A. Wallis Budge Explanation and Translation [1895]

Much of Roman Religion was derived from the Etruscans, but the Roman preferred to seek Greek roots.  Roman origin myths, on the other hand, said that they sprung from Aeneas, A Trojan.  Roman death and afterlife beliefs also had Etruscan roots, but they assiduously altered them to mimic Greek belief structures.
Scipio's Dream (as recounted by Cicero)
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Hindu Death Rite Guide -- FAQ:  how to send off a Hindu
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Nine Tattvas (Principles)
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"In Seventh Heaven"
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"What happens of we die?  -- WUJS
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Mithraism was the main competition of Christianity in the Roman period before Constantine.
The Egyptian Cult of Isis was a distant third.
Almost everyone had abandoned the old Roman "pagan" beliefs by that time.
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Bardo Teachings - The Intermediate States
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First Bardo: The Period of Ego-Loss or Non-Game Ecstasy
Second Bardo: The Period of Hallucinations
Third Bardo: The Period of Re-entry
Bardo States
Tibetan Book of the Dead -- UVA

This belief structure is often considered to be a prominent precursur of Judaism and Christianity
Messiah and Last Judgment
Heaven and Hell
Zarathushtrian's Perspective -- Life, Afterlife
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Cinvat Bridge and the Roads to Heaven an Hell