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      What remains of the period?

      During the long Augustan period there was an orgy of new construction and reconstruction in Rome -- witness the unchallenged claims in the Res Gestae and the many remains that have been exposed or at least explored by excavations.

      After Augustus, the Julio-Claudians rested on his laurels until the reign of Nero when the fire of 64 AD gave him the opportunity for another round of urban renewal. He built, of course, his own palace, the Domus Aurea, but he also cleared out the burned rubble from around the city and started reconstruction. One interesting decree called for the posting of many more firemen in Rome and the addition of special fire-fighting balconies to the upper levels of the insulae apartment houses. Nothing of any note was built during the "Year of the Four Emperors".

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      Theater of Marcellus and and and and (scroll down to chapter 3 for Vitruvius on theater technology)
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          First Read about the fire: For four bucks you can download the Archeology Magazine guide to the site.*/Domus_Aurea.html and and and and and (a blurb about the architects)