Egypt Study Tour
23 November through 7 December, 2007
ALRI Travel Club and ALRI History 303, Ancient Egypt

A selection of photos from the trip, taken by Margaret Dean

New York JFK pre-departure

Giza, Egypt -- Mena House Hotel

Mena House -- our guide, Tark Fawzi, in checked shirt


Karnak -- Ram-headed sphinxes

Karnak, inside the courtyard of Ramesses II

Karnak, Hypostyle hall of Setti I and Ramesses II

Karnak, Hatshepsut's obelisk


Karnak, sacred pool

Luxor Temples:  Pylon, statue, and obelisk of Ramesses II

Luxor, Courtyard of Ramesses II

Luxor, Courtyard of Ramesses II


Luxor, pre-dawn boat ride

Luxor, sunrise breakfast

Luxor, sunrise breakfast

Luxor,  sunrise breakfast -- local guard (hug-a-thug)

Luxor,  sunrise breakfast -- local guard

Luxor, Valley of the Kings

KV 11 signage

Luxor alabaster shop

Luxor, Alabaster shop

Luxor -- Hassan Fathi architectural exhibit

Luxor, felucca sailboat ride

Luxor local fauna

Luxor -- Indian water buffalo

Luxor -- feluccas at sunrise

Luxor -- pre-dawn baloon ride preparations

Luxor -- baloons lifting off (seen from ours, already airborn.)

Luxor -- heating air in our baloon

Luxor -- repacking our baloon after landing

Luxor museum entrance

Luxor vegetable market shopping

Luxor -- hard bargaining in the vegetable market

Nile River boat MS River Hathor

Aboard the MS River Hathor -- Sheikh Tom all rigged out

River Hathor sun deck

Edfu temple "caleche" horsecart shelter

Edfu -- another of our caleches arriving

Edfu -- Horus statue in his temple

Edfu -- ALRI travellers group photo

Edfu -- inside the Horus Temple

Edfu -- Horus temple interior

Edfu -- Horus temple interior

Life jacket drill on the MS River Hathor

Chopping veggies aboard the River Hathor

River Hathor cooks teach Egyptian cooking

Towel rolling class on the River Hathor

Galabiyya party on the River Hathor

Galabiyyah party

Dancing with the Stars

River Hathor chorus line

Party games on board

Galabiyya party

Kom Ombo -- Ptolemaic temple of Haroeris and Sobek (Haroeris is the elder Horus, and Sobek is the crocodile god who protects Kom Ombo)

Rural village home museum

Rural home -- baby camels love sugar cane

Investigating the Rural Home

Aswan -- Nubian entertainers on the River Hathor

Philae temple complex (on Agilika Island) -- Ptolemaic temple of Isis

Pylon at the Philae Isis Temple

Aswan High Dam

Map of the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser -- in top of the Dam

Aswan -- papyrus paper-making demonstration

Aswan Old Cataract Hotel -- where Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile

Aswan -- New Cataract Hotel

Aswan -- view from the New Cataract Hotel

Elephantine Island from the New Cataract Hotel

Aswan -- meal at a Nubian restaurant

Aswan spice market

Aswan spice market -- jewelry and other things are also for sale

Aswan -- camel ride to a desert monastery

Aswan -- camels march toward the monastery

Aswan -- tea at a Nubian house

Aswan -- ALRI ladies get traditional henna "tattoos" at the Nubian house

Aswan -- ALRI ladies show off their henna tattoos

Aswan -- Nubian handicrafts

Aswan -- re-boarding at the Nubian village

Aswan -- Nubian jewelery was a popular gift item

Giza Coptic Cathedral

Saqqara -- Step pyramid of Djoser

Saqqara -- carpet factory

Carpet factory

Carper showroom -- enthusiastic customers

Giza -- Kyufu's solar boat

Khufu's boat

Giza -- Pharaoh's bagpipes at the pyramid sound-and-light show

Giza -- pyramid sound-and-light show

Cairo -- Alabaster Mosque
(Mosque of Mohammed Ali) courtyard

Cairo -- interior of the Alabaster Mosque

Cairo -- brass in the Khan al Khalili

Cairo -- ALRI travellors outside the Khan al Khalili

Cairo -- another shop in the Khan al Khalili

Cairo -- yet another chance to shop